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Rafael Nieves

Rafael Nieves is a comic book writer with over 25 years’ experience in the field. He began his career with the publication of Tales from the Heart, first published by Entropy Enterprises before moving, with issue #3, to Slave Labor Graphics.

The series, co-written with Cindy Goff, and based on her experiences, told the story of Cathy Grant, a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Central Africa in the 1980s, chronicling her trials and tribulations as a "stranger in a strange land." It was illustrated by artist William "Seitu" Hayden.

Tales from the Heart spawned two full-color one-shots published by Marvel Comics' creator-owner label, Epic Comics, and the latter book, Bloodlines, was nominated for two Eisner Awards in 1993 (Best Single Issue, Self-Contained Story; and Best Graphic Album -- New).

Since then, Nieves has worked for a number of publishers, including Marvel Comics (Hellstorm, Prince of Lies), Caliber Comics (Orlak, Nosferatu, Edgar Allan Poe's The Bells), Comico Comics/Northstar (Cold-Blooded), and Moonstone Books (The Phantom, Welcome Back, Mr. Moto, Vampire: The Masquerade). He is the author of The Apocalypse Plan; Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown, and many other titles.

Recently, Nieves has self-published the first volume in a collection of reprinted, short comic book stories, called Forgotten Lore, with volume two coming soon. He is also working on a graphic novel, Compulsion, based on an un-produced screenplay.

Nieves lives in Berwyn, IL with his wife, one of two daughters, a puppy, a cat, a mortgage, and big dreams. He can be found wandering the internet on Facebook, or you can visit his blog.

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