Beton Brut featuring Orlak

where mankind and machine-kind coexist in an uneasy alliance overseen by a shadowy government, one man is reborn and set upon an age-old quest to understand his past and move forward into his unpredictable future. Orlak finds himself on a journey with no memory. His hands have been replaced with prosthetics and he suffers from numerous blackouts, and when he awakes, he is often greeted with the blood of others upon them.

He is, in his own words, a puzzle with ten missing pieces.

Released from the medical area known as the Center, Orlak begins his quest to discover who he really is and why his fate is now an unknown existence. All the while keeping one step ahead of the authorities that are hunting him down as he traverses the underbelly of what little of society remains. As he tries to unravel his own personal mysteries, he becomes involved with various people of the city, his story entwining with theirs and occasionally ending with an unexplained death on his hands that keeps Orlak guessing his purpose, sanity and keeps him on the run.

Béton Brut takes place in a not-so-distant future in Zenith, a cold and dystopian city. A massive concrete jungle, Zenith is populated by millions of people who drudge through their daily existence, only to find relief and pleasures in the city’s corrupt and excessive nightlife.

Zenith is both a prison and a playground. Its citizens are entrenched in a socialist utopian society but as usual, utopia doesn’t exist - only the illusion. The city has the clichéd million stories and everyone has one.

Béton Brut drops us into a future world that isn't bright and clean, that holds a terrifying vision... especially for one man. Orlak.

Is he a madman or a murderer...or both?

While Orlak's story is the over-arching storyline, it is a constant mystery and his story intertwines with other characters, creating smaller vignettes or mini-stories within the main storyline. This will allow the exploration of multiple scenarios of his own story and that of those he interacts with.

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