Beton Brut featuring Orlak
Ken Holewczynski

Ken Holewzynski jumped into the black and white comic explosion in early 1990's, first self-publishing, and then honing his skills and eventually doing work in various roles for many of the new independents at that time.

Starting out lettering for First Comics, doing letters, colors and covers for Now Comics, Holewczynski continued to create original work with long-time collaborator, Rafael Nieves, finding a steady home for works at Caliber Press for his personal projects, including an full-color adaptation of Nosferatu and the black and white series, Orlak.

His expressionistic style eventually caught the eye of Vortex publisher Bill Marks, who brought Holewczynski on to ink the black and white relaunch of Dean Motter's Mr. X. Inking over thirteen issues for Vortex, plus inking and providing pencils and inks for the final three installments of Mr. X for Caliber's New Worlds Anthology, Holewczynski's crisp linework upheld the atmosphere of Motter's creation.

The same period also saw the three-issue sci-fi uptake on the German classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, entitled Caligari 2050, published by Monster Comics, a then-division of Fantagraphics.

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